Talking About The Weather (Adv)


Students will learn how to discuss the weather in social situations.
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General Business - Socializing

Warm Up (5 mins)

Have you experienced any "extreme" weather conditions? Describe what happened.

Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? Why?

Listening (5 mins)

Watch the following video.

1. Describe what weather conditions will be like according the report.

2. Will commuters have trouble getting to or from work? Why?

Reading Comprehension (10 mins)

Read the following article.

1. According to the author, why do people in Britain often talk about the weather?

Conversation Skill (10 mins)

Weather Expressions

Conversation Skill Point: 

When talking about the weather it helps if you understand a few common phrases used to describe extremes of weather.


Word or Phrase

Example Sentence

Very hot

a scorcher

The weather forecast said tomorrow would be 42 degrees celcius. A real scorcher!

Very cold


I don't want to go outside into the freezing night air.

Very humid


The weather is so muggy that I can't sleep without an air conditioner.

Very windy

blowing a gale

It's not safe to ride a bicycle while it's blowing a gale.

Very rainy

bucketing down

The rain was bucketing down so hard that my pants are completely soaked.

Very cloudy


We stopped playing baseball when the sky became too murky to see the ball well.

Describe an extreme weather event that you personally experienced.

Try to use some of the weather vocabulary above.

Vocabulary (5 mins)

Column AColumn B

Role Play (15 mins)


Case Study (15 mins)

Imagine you have been asked to conduct a seminar with a group of foreign internship candidates who will move to Japan for one year to work in Japanese companies. Your task is to inform them about what weather conditions they can expect.

Explain about:

  • The weather conditions in each of Japans four seasons.
  • What kind of temperatures to expect.
  • How are the conditions different in Kyushu vs Honshu vs Hokkaido.
  • What kind of clothes you will need to wear for work and outside of work.
  • Where is the best place to buy seasonal clothing.
  • Do Japanese homes have any appliances or features to make the weather extremes more comfortable.
  • When can we expect extreme weather events like typhoons.
  • How should we prepare for extreme weather situations.
  • Any famous seasonal events in spring, summer, autumn or winter throughout the country.

Extension Activity

What's your favorite season and why?

Does your city or town have any seasonal events, like traditional festivals or celebrations? Describe them.

Review and Quiz (5 mins)

Do you have any questions about this lesson?

What did you learn today?

Did you learn any new vocabulary or expressions?

Ask your instructor for tips on how you can improve your English.

Finally, don't forget to take the quiz after all your lessons are finished today.

Thank you !