Presenting Your Key Points (Beg)


Students will learn how to present the key points of a presentation.
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General Business - Presentations

Warm Up (5 mins)

Put the following words and phrases into two groups.

1. Presentation techniques

2. Presentation materials

Powerpoint slide Smile at the audience Pause before speaking
Pie chart Tell a story Bar chart
Video clip Tell a joke Use eye contact


Listening (5 mins)

Listen to the audio and answer the questions.

1. The first point she will discuss is website data from _______.

a) Employees

b) Suppliers

c) Customers

2. The company knows what customers are interested in from _______.

a) What they searched for

b) What they talked to staff about

c) What they ordered

3. The presenter will discuss some examples of other _______.

a) Problems

b) Companies

c) Customers

Reading Comprehension (10 mins)

Read the following article.

Explain in your own words how presenters can make a good presentation.

Grammar (5 mins)

Good vs Well

Good is an adjective describing a noun.

We also use "good" as an adverb for the five senses.

e.g. looks, sounds, feels, tastes, smells


Well is an adverb answering the question "how".



You did a good job.

"Good" describes "job", which is a noun, so "good" is an adjective.

You did the job well.

"Well" is an adverb describing "how" the job was performed.

Your report looks good.

"Good" is used with one of the five senses, "looks"

Choose the correct answer to complete the following sentences.

She cooked a very ( good / well ) meal for the dinner party.
He ran ( good / well ) but only finished in third place.
That sweater looks ( good / well ) on you.
The fresh bread from that shop always smells ( good / well ).

Try to make some original sentences using "good" and "well".

Vocabulary (5 mins)

Modifiers used with "good" and "well"satisfaction level
extremely good / extremely wellhighest
very good / very wellhigh
quite good / quite wellaverage to high
pretty good / pretty well average
not so good / not so welllow
not very good / not very welllowest

Rank the following five employees based on the description of their performance.

Jake ran his project team extremely well.
The feedback from David's proposal was not so good.
Kenji wrote a pretty good report after the meeting.
Kimiko created a very good design for the marketing materials
Naomi handled all of the customer complaints quite well.


Role Play (15 mins)

Jake:Hey Noburu.
Noboru:Hi, Jake. What's up?
Jake:I want to ask your opinion. How was my presentation yesterday?
Noboru:I thought you did quite a good job. You presented your main message well.
Jake:Thanks. Do you think it was too formal?
Noboru:Yeah, maybe a little bit. Can I give you some advice?
Jake:Sure! Go ahead.
Noboru:Try not to read from your notes. It's really important to make eye contact with the listeners.
Jake:OK. That's not easy but I will try. Anything else?
Noboru:Also, try to move around when you talk. Don't just stand in the one spot. And use arm and hand gestures to emphasize points.
Jake:Hmmm. OK. I'll work on that.
Noboru:Finally, don't be afraid to show some emotion with your voice and your face.
Jake:OK. I'll work on it.
Noboru:Good luck. I'm sure your next one will be great.

Imagine you have to give advice to a colleague about how to present the key content of a presentation.

Do the role play again with your instructor in the role of the person asking for advice.

Extension Activity

Think of a topic you know well.

Give your instructor a one or two minute presentation summarizing three key points related to that topic.

e.g. Japanese soccer :

1) J-League history

2) Strongest J-League teams

3) National team/s performance

Try to use some of the techniques we learned in the lesson

e.g. eye contact, pauses, smile

Review and Quiz (5 mins)

Do you have any questions about this lesson?

What did you learn today?

Did you learn any new vocabulary or expressions?

Ask your instructor for tips on how you can improve your English.

Finally, don't forget to take the quiz after all your lessons are finished today.

Thank you !