Going Through the Airport (Int)


Students will discuss their experiences with visiting airports while on business trips.
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General Business - Trips

Warm Up (5 mins)

How often do you visit airports?

Do you enjoy flying? Why or why not?

What are some things that might cause a bad flying experience. e.g. flight delays, rude staff ?

Listening (5 mins)

Watch the following video.

1. Which two airline company lounges does the presenter describe?

2. What are some of the features of these airport lounges.

Reading Comprehension (10 mins)

Read the following article.

1. Summarize the common problems which air travellers can experience.

2. What advice does the article give about how to deal with each one?

Grammar (5 mins)


 "Can I" / "May I" / "Could I"  are all ways of asking if it is OK to do something.


Can I

Can I put this item in my carry-on luggage?

May I

May I put this bag under the seat?

Could I

Could I use your wifi connection?

 Ask permission to do the following things.

  •  Put a small bottle of water in your carry-on bag.
  •  Use your laptop computer during takeoff.
  •  Choose an aisle seat for your flight.
  •  Take a bag of fruit through customs.
  •  Pay your airport restaurant bill in Japanese Yen.

 Make some original sentences. Ask permission to do various things in the departure airport, the arrival airport or on the plane. Use your imagination.

Vocabulary (5 mins)

Sequencing expressions
First you mustcheck in your luggage.
Then yougo through the security check.
Next you willwait in the boarding lounge.
After that you have toline up at the boarding gate.
Finally you canboard the plane.

Describe the things you must do when you get off the plane at your destination airport

 e.g. wait for the seat belt sign to be turned off, exit the plane ....

Try to use complete sentences and sequencing expressions.

Role Play (15 mins)

Customs OfficerGood evening.
TravellerGood evening.
Customs OfficerDo you have anything to declare?
TravellerYes. I have some food in my bags.
Customs OfficerWhat kind of food?
TravellerI have some rice and some dried apricots. Can I bring dried apricots through Customs?
Customs OfficerCould you open your bag and show them to me please?
TravellerSure. Here you are.
Customs OfficerI'm sorry but you aren't allowed to bring any kind of fruit into the country. You will need to leave the apricots here.
TravellerOh, I see. How about the rice. Is that OK?
Customs OfficerYes the rice is fine. Please close your bag and proceed through the Customs exit over there. Thank you.
TravellerThank you.

Brainstorm with your instructor some items which may or may not be allowed through customs.

 e.g. wood carvings, meat products, expensive perfume, several bottles of alcohol. etc.

Imagine you are visiting a country and you want to give some of these items as gifts to your friends in the arrival country.

Repeat the role play and ask the Customs officer to explain about the arrival country's customs policy.

Extension Activity

One of the recent trends in air travel has been the appearance of Low Cost Carrier (LCC) airlines. What are the pros and cons of using LCC services?

If you could choose between a full service airline and an LCC airline for a 9 hour flight, which would you choose?

Does your work organization have an airline travel policy e.g. you can fly business class on long flights?

Review and Quiz (5 mins)

Do you have any questions about this lesson?

What did you learn today?

Did you learn any new vocabulary or expressions?

Ask your instructor for tips on how you can improve your English.

Finally, don't forget to take the quiz after all your lessons are finished today.

Thank you !